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Netflix’s Ad For Leila Makes Men Shut Mouth With Sarcasm

| Published on June 29, 2019

One thing that makes Netflix different from rest of the OTT platforms is its content. There is no doubt that no other video platform can beat Netflix when it comes to making stories in a way today’s modern audience loves watching.


What makes us write this article is an advertisement which Netflix has launched to promote its series Leila, which aims to silence patriarchy with sarcasm. The ad featuring Huma Qureshi showcases a fictitious product called SHUSH that can shut the mouth of men who ask weird questions and promote patriarchy and unpleasant experience for women.

The advertisement starts like a normal promotion video for a beauty product. It all changes when Qureshi gets hit by random questions like “When are you getting married? Your biological clock is ticking!” The video also shows moments like when guys ask babies to “Don’t cry like a girl,” without knowing the larger impacts. It is like a satire to all these uncomfortable social situations. We love the way all the characters were given SHUSH. Here’s the full video:

For those who don’t know, Leila is the story of Shalini ( Huma Qureshi), a mother who is in search of her daughter, in the world of Aryavarta.

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