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Netflix To Swiggy: 7 Brands That Can Be Considered As The Best Social Media Marketers

| Published on January 8, 2021

Social media has become a very useful platform for brands to bring forward their best marketing strategies. All major brands and organizations have their account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms from where they stay connected with their followers.

Whether it is a healthy banter between two rival brands or Mumbai Police being sassy with their warnings, Twitter has seen some of the best tweets in 2020.

Today we bring you some of the brands and their tweets that made us all smile and entertained.

1. Netflix India

Netflix India won hearts with a very witty reply to a rumour that could have damaged its name and harmed its customers. Someone tweeted a post offering 6 months of free Netflix for the first 10,000 callers on a number. When Netflix got hold of it, they discredited the post in the wittiest way possible.

And then you see Netflix making memes on their own shows.

Follow Netflix on Twitter and you will find all their posts the best source of entertainment. They should give a raise to whoever is handling their Twitter handle.

2. Tinder

With the year 2020 ending with the most wedding possible, the online dating site Tinder gave the most fitting reaction to the wedding season and the pictures that followed.

Being relatable is another talent they have.

3. Burger King India

Burger King replying to one of its tagged tweets is both adorable and smart. They surely know how to make most of the opportunity.

What could be a better way to educate people about social distancing.

Burger King has been all about their whoppers and their posts never miss a chance to market the best.

4. Durex India

Durex India celebrated fathers day in 2020 with a ‘dad joke’ and could not get more hilarious.

Protection is important and Durex India knew exactly how to emphasize that.

Lockdown trends were also discussed in Durex India’s post and we were loving it.

5. Swiggy

The online food delivery platform has always delivered its A-game when posting on their social media. The posts are not only entertaining but also with the trend.

Swiggy even got in with the ‘Veg-biryani’ debate with this witty tweet.

Whoever handles their social media handle seems to be a big fan of the latest Netflix series as they just can’t stop quoting them.

6. Mumbai Police

One of the most interesting and follow-worthy Twitter handles is that of the Mumbai Police. The handle is known to post some of the best sarcastic yet educative posts for people who just don’t want to follow the law and order. Some of the posts in 2020 were a laugh riot. Look for yourself.

The way they asked people to party on their own is worth the look.


And the cyber cell educating people about online scams is next level.


Talk about spreading awareness for the masks during this pandemic.



7. Dunzo

Who all saw the witty 2020 goodbye post by Dunzo on their Twitter handle? Clever! wasn’t it?

The brand has become pretty trendy and has captivated a lot of audience with their tweers.

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