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Netflix Kidnaps Money Heist Fans To Prevent Spoilers

| Published on September 7, 2021

The Problem

Money Heist- Netflix’s masterpiece has managed to grab eyeballs every time it has had a release. Be it a new season, teasers or promotional campaigns, it never fails to stir interest. Fans wait in anticipation for news or releases of anything, even remotely related to the show. But many a times, there is disappointment coming in the form of spoilers immediately after a season’s release.

So, whether they have seen any episode or not, many viewers know what is in store for them. This takes away the excitement and fun in watching the show and the anticipation fizzles out. If conversations around a show amount to 12.5% of total online conversations, they are deemed spoilers, which peak during the initial hours of release. Solutions to this problem were till now thought to be nowhere in sight.

The Solution

This month saw the release of the finale season of this widely acclaimed show. With it came a lot of excitement. The threat of spoilers always loomed large over fans. But this time, the makers of the show came out with a novel concept to tackle it. In a bid to prevent spoilers of this immensely popular show, Netflix organized a screening of the finale season for 100 fans who were the best spoiler makers. They were told to be taken to Madrid on a flight, thinking that a private screening awaits them. However, the screening was held in that very flight, at the same time, the show was released on the channel.

The passengers were directed to put their phone off or on airplane mode. This prevented them from making spoilers. The flight lasted 5 hours, which was the duration of the entire season. Thus, viewers were spared the spoiler alerts and could enjoy their favorite show.

Thus, a kidnapping of their super fans helped Money Heist become an enjoyable watch for millions of viewers.

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