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Netflix Features Dunzo Delivery Man’s Story On It’s YouTube Special

| Published on June 25, 2020

In a series of firsts, a Netflix original features the story of a Dunzo delivery guy. This food delivery application was at its peak during the corona virus pandemic, alongside competitors Zomato and Swiggy. One of their delivery executives got featured on the Netflix’s YouTube special titled ‘Home Stories’.

Subsequently, Dunzo also posted a picture on their Instagram feed tagging certain words that were spelled as ‘Watch Delivering Smiles’.


Dunzo thanks Netflix for deliveryman's story in its YouTube Special

What is Home Stories?

Home Stories is Netflix’s latest release featuring 4 films all set in the lockdown in India. It includes the story of a germaphobe, a remote wedding, another talks about a one night stand that turns into a complete monthly lockdown and the last one features a delivery man trying to make a vlog.

Who is the Delivery Man?

Home Stories features delivery executive Tanmay Dhanania, who uses vlogs to analyse his day to day life. It includes all sorts of aspects of his daily life, including unruly customers, empty streets, busy streets and is filmed to humanize the life of delivery executives in general.

Keeping in accordance with Dhanania, we also admire how Dunzo has been there for its customers during the lockdown and has successfully managed to get a number of smiles.



What do you love the most about Dunzo?

Source: Afaqs

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