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2 minutes read

Netflix And Hotstar Exchange Words On Twitter And It Can’t Get Any Better

| Published on May 26, 2019

War of words has become quite a thing on Twitter recently and we’re enjoying every bit of it this time. 

While Netflix has been the first choice for many since forever, things took a turn with the release of Game of Thrones season 8 in April when the GOT followers decided to choose the official show streaming platform Hotstar over others leaving Netflix fell a little “insecure”. 

And the rest that followed is a show on Twitter! 

It all started with Netflix India’s tweet about the checklist of a true relationship. 

Where most of us took it as just another tweet from our forever, someone decided to confess their infidelity.

To which Hotstar replied and we could instantly sense things heating up

Netflix then took its second strike with its subtly sexual reply.

But Hotstar surely won the war with 1-0 with it’s final knockout. 

Brands interacting with each other online is always funny and the latter was surely hilarious so do we see a salary raise for the social media managers perhaps?

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