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Nestle Admits To The Presence Of Lead In Maggi Noodles

| Published on January 4, 2019

The leading food brand Nestle has been surrounded with controversy yet again and that too for one of its most popular product Maggi. The apex court opened up a hearing regarding the same and the company admitted to the presence of lead in its noodles. The lawyers representing the company gave this admittance to the Supreme Court on Thursday.

History Repeats Itself Too Soon

This hearing of court and revival of action suit against Nestle is a clear indication that the safety of the noodles is questionable. Earlier in 2017, tonnes of the product was destroyed as it failed to pass the health safety norms. Maggi was taken off the shelf from the entire country and it took a while for the product to find shelf space again. But it seems that wasn’t the end, the battle still continues


the government has also moved a class action against Nestle seeking damages of Rs 640 crore for not being in compliance with food safety norms for a product that is consumed by millions. However, it was argued that the lead content was within permissible limits.

Nestle’s Argument

Nestle has been arguing on the presence of the lead in permissible limits while the bigger question is why to consume a product that contains lead in the first place. Lead is known to be highly toxic and any amount could lead to health hazards in the long run.

Below is Nestle India Statement regarding the SC hearing:

Nestlé India welcomes the orders passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court today.

Nestlé India had challenged two interim orders of National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) before the Hon’ble Supreme Court in 2015.  As per directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court, samples were sent to the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) and the analysis results showed that samples were compliant for Lead and other relevant parameters.

The appeal filed by Nestlé India against the two interim orders passed by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) came up for hearing today. As per the lawyers who appeared for Nestle, Hon’ble Supreme court in view of reports received from CFTRI has agreed with Nestlé’s contention and has set aside both the interim orders passed by NCDRC which were challenged by Nestle.

The Supreme Court has also directed that the reports received from CFTRI will be the basis for proceedings before NCDRC. Full details will be known only after receipt of the order by the Company. 

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