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All You Need To Know About Ad World’s Sensation, The Trivago Guy- Abhinav Kumar

| Published on February 1, 2019

The guy behind “kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?” has taken the internet by a storm and memes about him our continually revolving around in social media. Wondering how? Well! let’s take you through it.

Who is the Trivago Guy?

Abhinav Kumar was a Trivago Employee who was chosen to be the face of the Trivago ad on television. Soon his fitting personality gained enormous fame and led him to social media where trolls about him begun to get Viral. However, he gained more popularity, when he laughed at his own memes by posting them online. Today, he has become the Trivago Head of India.

There is no serious reason as to why he went viral. Social media makes memes on literally anything and everything and there is no need to work hard on it. When different memes that included his image were put up on social media, people laughed out loud in numbers and shared the meme from one post to another. This is how this Trivago guy gained fame in no time and today he has become an internet sensation.

Love-Hate relationship with Audience

While some people love him for his memes and smart wit, a bunch also hates him for his television appearance as they assume, his face is no fitting enough for a screen.

One after the other, memes are being made on him and neither we nor the Trivago guy himself can stop laughing at them. Although there is a wide list of people who demean him for a number of baseless reasons, yet we must not discourage the fact that there are more reasons why we should love this Trivago Guy, Abhinav Kumar.

His memes are also hilariously gaining fame on twitter via tweets by the audience. People love how this Trivago guy is supporting his own memes calmly and patiently.

Check this out!

This one’s legit!

He Loves the Haters too! 

Obviously, we love this man for his intellect and calm personality and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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