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Mystery Solved: The Complete List Of Hidden Ads In Viral Painting

| Published on June 6, 2019

A painting having over 40 best Indian advertisements hidden has been going viral all across social media. Various popular pages have posted them as a challenge for their audience to find all of them.

If you someone born in India during the 80s or 90s, most probably you will go back to your childhood memories seeing this painting. Advertisements those days represented Indian culture back then and people still remember them.

Here’s a look at some reactions of Twitter users praising the art:






The whole Agency world is going nostalgic as this is a type of puzzle they are loving to solve. The painting looks like an Indian village from 90s. Having a closer look at it shows how beautifully the characters of old ads have been put in the painting. It surely is a piece of work from someone who knows what these ads meant for us

The painting still is nameless but marketers are calling it with names like ‘Ad Village’ or ‘Hidden Persuaders’.

The brain behind this painting

BBDO India has created this 3ft x 2ft painting. Josy Paul, chairman and CCO of BBDO India is one of the brains behind this art. Talking about the choice of ads in this painting, Paul said, “It was all about memorable brand image, visual memory structures and the sharpest, most powerful images that capture the glorious history of Indian advertising. We interviewed people inside and outside the agency to arrive at this list. Of course, the final filter was that it had to have strong visual cues.”


“We gave ourselves the challenge: how do we bring India’s most remembered advertising images into one Indian geographical space? Thus was born this piece of art created by a collaboration of artists from BBDO India and external partners. he added.

A Twitter user has found 44 ads in this painting out the total claim of 45.

Here is the answer to this puzzle:

1. Happydent
2. Asian Paints (Raag Malhar)?
3. Vodafone ZooZoo
4. Maruti Suzuki (Khatam Hi Nahi Hoti)
5. Vicks
6. Bournvita (Tayyari Jeet Ki)
7. Surf (Lalita Ji)
8. ECE Bulbs
9. Fevicol
10. Colgate
11. Dhara – Jalebi
12. Hamara Bajaj
13. Cadbury Dairy Milk (Kuch Khaas Hai)
14. Palmolive
15. Gillette (Barbershop girls)?
16. Whisper (Touch the pickle)
17. Coca-Cola (Aamir Khan)
18. Liril
19. VIP Frenchie
20. Ceat Tyres MRF Zigma (The Space Age Radial)
21. Hutch (Pug)
22. Fevikwik (fish catching)
23. Lifebuoy ‘Help a Child Reach 5’
24. Nike
25. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea
26. Nirma
27. Lijjat Papad
28. Onida
29. Surf Excel (Daag Achche Hote Hai)
30. Idea Cellular – Save the tree
31. Airtel Internet
32. Britannia Glucose D biscuits
33. Pepsi (Yeh Dil Maange More)
34. Cadbury 5-Star (Ramesh Suresh)
35. Pepsi (Dhoni Helicopter shot)?
36. Google (Partition)
37. Ariel (Share The Load)
38. Balbir Pasha Ko AIDS Hoga Kya?
39. Amul
40. Madhya Pradesh tourism?
41. Maggi
42. Rasna
43. Center Shock chewing gum
44. Flipkart

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