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Musk’s Alcoholic Tweet Puzzles Followers

| Published on July 23, 2019

Elon Musk who is known for his wit, charm and quirky Twitter habits recently got netizens talking when he called alcohol a solution, technically. 

He later replied to his tweet saying, “Just saw that on a T-shirt @Hyperloop competition” 

While a section of Twitterati was quick to conclude that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was making a cryptic statement about the use of ethanol in his rockets, a section of his followers also called him out with hilarious comments. 

Musk, who has been called out for smoking marijuana on a public podcast, also got taunted by some of his followers on his chemically toxic habits.

“Alcohol is a solution to every alcoholic before they realise they are alcoholic,” a Twitter user commented.

“Thank you for validating my alcoholism,” another user wrote.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions

As of now, it remains unclear if Musk was actually hinting at a potential rocket fuel, or was just messing around with his followers.


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