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Musk Does Not Demand College Degree From Employees To Work In Tesla

| Published on December 30, 2019

College Degrees play a big role in our professional lives. It’s the first thing that is asked from a person in any corporate interview. But Elon Musk happens to be breaking this cycle by not selecting his employees on the basis of college degrees.

If Elon Musk does not require a college degree from his potential employees, then what is it that he is looking for, in them?
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Elon Musk Does Not Demand A College Degree From His Employees

Elon Musk, founder & CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been marked the most innovative leader of 2019 by Forbes and there is no doubt he is proving the same with full energy and amazing ideas.

He has made a statement regarding him not needing any kind of college degrees from his employees to work in Tesla, his automotive company. And one more time, he posted a tweet enhancing more clarity about the topic.

If we look closely, even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not have any degree and they are where, literally, we all would wanna be!

In 2014, Musk quoted in an interview, “there’s no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school” in order to be an employee at Tesla.

Musk believes that graduating from college does not simply and solely makes a person potential or capable of doing or creating great things. He keeps people like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs as examples in his statements who were not having any degrees but still managed to produce such amazing things for the world.

Elon’s Expectations From His Employees

He looks for exceptional potential in his employees. If someone has done something really extra and exceptional, he will welcome them in his team happily, even if they don’t have degrees.

He understands people’s problem-solving abilities and the kind of mindset a person keeps. The interview goes on mostly regarding the person’s previous establishments and creations.

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