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Mumbai Police Uses URI Dialogues To Promote Cybersecurity

| Published on January 28, 2019

URI: The Surgical Strike has won the hearts of Indians and its dialogues have become very popular. Recently we discussed how URI makers promoted the movie using Surgical strikes on WhatsApp and online piracy. What’s interesting is this time someone has used the movie for raising awareness about cybersecurity and that someone is our very own Mumbai Police.

If you follow our platform, you must have read how popular Mumbai Police is for using trending memes to promote awareness among Indians towards some basics things that we face in daily life.

Twitter is a great micro-blogging platform and it is the latest medium for brands and companies to interact with their target audience and share information about their products and services. Accounts of some law enforcement agencies like Mumbai Police, Bengaluru Police and Nagpur Police have also come up with some fun ways of educating people through the platform.

The latest example comes from Mumbai Police when it advised online audience to use a strong password on their accounts so that they’re not hacked. In the tweet, Mumbai Police asks, “Q) What are the chances of my weak password getting hacked?” and the answer is the GIF, embedded below, where the Uri actor Vicky Kaushal delivers the viral dialogue “High Sir” in the movie. Yami Gautam, the actress who plays a lead role in the movie also retweeted it.

Before Mumbai Police, NagpurCityPolice also used the same theme with one of their Tweets for asking the question – “How is the excitement level at Maharashtra State Police Games #MSPG2019, here at Nagpur?” BengaluruCityPolice is well-known for posting fantastic memes for educating people in a fun way. Taking on the 10-year challenge, The Nagpur Police and Mumbai Police had posted tweets raising road safety tips.

Banglore Police had tweeted “Trust us, you don’t want to take this challenge. Wear a helmet and don’t talk on the phone while riding/driving!” and is followed by the image embedded below.

It feels great to know that our legal agencies are trying to catch up with trending topics and are trying to educate the modern audience in a language that they like to engage in.

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