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Mumbai Police Uses Sitcom ‘Friends’ To Teach ‘Rules Of Quarantine’

| Published on March 30, 2020

If anyone knows how to follow the latest trends of today, we have to give it off for the Mumbai Police! Their Twitter handle is known for keeping up with the lingo of today’s youth, and while they’re always resonating with something or the other, they have successfully utilised the popular TV show ‘Friends’ to dictate the rules of quarantine for everyone at home during this coronavirus pandemic.

Mumbai Police Uses Sitcom 'Friends' To Teach 'Rules Of Quarantine'

Remember that episode where Phoebe teaches Joey how to speak French? Mumbai Police has cleverly used that scene through a post on Twitter to tell their fans about how important staying in quarantine is, especially now more than ever.


This is not the first time that the Mumbai Police has published for coronavirus. Earlier, they also shared a daily horoscope meme to share what’s in store for everyone through this pandemic.


Kudos to the team for their witty humour!

Source: Money Control

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