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Mumbai Police Used ‘Hello Fraaands!’ Viral Video For Road Safety, Twitter Is Loving It.

| Published on June 13, 2018

Whenever we think about Police, a very serious image comes to our mind. Mumbai Police is trying to change this by raising awareness about road safety using viral memes. If you have used Facebook during last few days, you must have seen the video of a woman offering tea to everyone in a very funny way. Her way of saying ‘Hello friends’ has won the hearts of users on social media and after dancing uncle she has become the new viral content for meme makers.

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After seeing her popularity on internet, she made more such video saying random things and everyone is loving her currently.

Mumbai police, hilariously enough, decided to make a video for requesting people to wear helmet on roads while driving using this lady. “Hello Fraaands! Helmet pehan lo… to have a Safe-Tea at home! #RoadSafeTEA.” the tweet reads. They have also edited the part where she says “Chai Pi Lo” to “Helmet pehen lo,” in the video.

Mumbai police ka admin meme master jyada lgta hai

Entertaining toh hai Mumbai police

The best twitter handle of police

I am in love

Kudos Mumbai Police

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Mumbai Police has over 4.6 million followers on Twitter and regularly posts about city’s whereabouts. It is not the first time when Mumbai police has used viral memes for raising awareness of Indian towards right things. Recently, Daisy Shah’s viral dialogue from Race 3 was used to spread awareness on keeping one’s personal information safe. Earlier, Ghar Se Nikalte Hi… Kuch Door Chalte Hi’ was used to give a road safety message.

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