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After Mumbai Police, Mother Dairy Uses ‘Hello Frandss’ Meme On Social Media

| Published on June 15, 2018

The power of social media can be guessed by knowing the fact that it is turning normal people into celebrities and brand ambassadors in a matter of few hours. After the Wink Girl and Dancing Uncle, another Indian seems to be enjoying the popularity on the internet. It is not tough to guess that we are talking about the woman who has her own way of offering things to people and she is almost impossible to ignore right now.

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At this moment, she is so popular that Mumbai Police couldn’t stop itself to use meme concept based on Hello frandss slogan. Mumbai Police changed chai pi lo to helmet pehen lo and gave a social awareness lessons to Indians in the way they like to learn things.

Now, famous dairy products selling brand Mother Dairy has posted an image on social media that once again proves that moment marketing is the best strategy right now. The company posted image that reads Hello ‘Frandss Doodh Pi Lo’ with caption Take a break, have a glass of milk. Doesn’t matter garam hai ya thanda!. You can have a look at the same below:

Facebook users, as expeted were quick to recognise this and they share their views on this in their own ways.

Advertisement on its peak

Amul girl in trouble?

The power of meme marketing

Another example which shows that viral stories and memes are the best way of marketing on social media right now. It is because people relate to these things better then anything and bring more engaging results for the brand.

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What do you think about such activities that brands are using these days on social media? Do let us know your views on this in the comments section.

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