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Mumbai Police Encourages To Wear Face Mask In The Most Creative Way

| Published on July 19, 2020

Mumbai police have always been forthcoming with their safety advisory social media tweets and posts. Whoever handles Mumbai Police’s Twitter and other social media handles surely deserves a raise as they are sassier than ever.

They have mixed humor with messages that could help us stay safe in these difficult times. Their recent tweet has also created a buzz for all the right reasons.

Mumbai Police recently tweeted the importance of wearing a mask and how it can prove to be a ‘profitable investment’. Along with the tweet, they also posted a picture that wittily read ‘ Mask Can Help India Get Corona Out On Googly.’

Followed by this tweet, Param Bir Singh, Mumbai’s Commissioner of Police, also came forward and did his bit in trying to encourage people to wear a face mask in the most creative way possible.

Singh’s tweet was captioned ‘Can’t connect with safety without a mask’ with an image of an error page one may come across while trying to connect with a certain website, or in this case with ‘safety’.

Mumbai police‘s efforts to attract people’s attention and to encourage them to wear a mask was appreciated a lot by netizens online and were lauded for their creative tweets.

Wearing a mask has become a necessity than just a precaution as it may be the only thing standing in the way of you and the pandemic.

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