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This Mumbai Based Startup Is Changing The Way Parties Are Celebrated In India

| Published on December 15, 2017

Parties have become an important aspect of modern life. In this hectic world, parties help to escape from the stress and tension of daily life. Along with giving happiness parties have also provided many negatives to our society such as the health problems. To solve this issue a Mumbai-based party platform MagicRise has found out a great solution.


MagicRise organizes morning parties in big cities of India by providing awesome music, dance, fun, but by excluding late nights, junk food, alcohol, and hangovers. Magicrise is becoming a great platform for the people who love enjoying the morning freshness and energy. Rakhee Mehta, who lives in Mumbai is the person behind this creative idea. Rakhi got this idea when she got to attend a morning party for the first time when she was in LA. She said in an interview about this

“It was very exciting as people were enthusiastically dressed up in animal costumes like unicorns. The ambiance was of a typical party, albeit in the morning. This is what led me to infuse wellness and entertainment into a business idea.”


She always tries to make these morning parties interesting by involving things like water-based workout parties, and Glowrise, glow-in-the-dark workout parties. She wants arranged by her to be suitable and enjoying for all age groups.

Started in February 2017, Magicrise currently has a core team of four members, with creative and IT functions outsourced to an external agency. Within a very short period of time, Magicrise is getting a great response from the party lovers in big cities. The idea of this startup is to change the perception of party lovers about the nightlife by replacing it with the healthy lifestyle and eating natural foods and juices. With these parties, the workout can also become very enjoyable.

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