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This Mumbai Based Coder Is Encouraging Women To Enter Tech Related Professions

| Published on March 26, 2018

Women are achieving heights in every profession due to their willpower and determination to learn something new. A lot of females are seen working in the big IT companies in the country and this proves that anything is achievable for modern-day females. Also, working outside their home gives them a sense of freedom which plays an important role in bringing equality in the society.
A Mumbai based woman named Manjula Dube is helping other females to gain knowledge about the technologies that are being used in the corporate world. She leads the PWA team at BookMyShow office in Mumbai and believes that many women in the country do have the potential to showcase their work at the biggest level but they lack in support that is required in initial days.


“In Mumbai, I used to attend several meetups but noticed that there weren’t many women coming. At one event where I was a speaker, I was the only woman speaker, and this got me wondering why we can’t have more senior speakers. I do know women working at great places such as Flipkart and Yaatra and are very good at tech, but always wondered why they aren’t coming forward,” she once said in an interview when asked about what made her help others.
According to Manjula, there is lack of awareness among women and they don’t want to get out their comfort zone and are happy with their normal routine. She believes that a lot of females are interested in learning things about technology but they don’t have the courage to ask for help from others.

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To solve this, Majula took the use of Twitter and started connecting with women of all ages who needed support. She mentors them on how to learn something new. She has also started doing workshops on making other speakers like her. Recently, she did a workshop on women’s day with 50 participants which got sponsorship from Google also.
After covering Mumbai, she wants to inspire women all over the country. The best thing is that the whole idea bringing women technologists forward and turning them into leaders which is needed to improve the tech scene in India.

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