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Mukul Chhabra, Founder Of Modern-Day Kabadiwala ‘Scrap Uncle,’ Stole The Spotlight At Shark Tank India Season 2.

| Published on February 10, 2023

Instead of shouting at your door, this kabaadiwala reaches you through the “Scrap Uncle App—Sell Scrap Online”.

A Delhi-based business called ScrapUnce was founded in 2019 with the goal of bringing “a systematic shift in India’s recyclable trash management problem.” It describes itself as a modern-day “kabbadiwala” (scrap dealer).

You may use the Scrapuncle app to sell your scraps like- newspapers, garbage, appliances, plastics, electronics, and metals for transparent prices. You may schedule a pick-up time, and they’ll pay you & pick up scrap at your doorstep.

ScrapUncle provides scrap recycling services through its website and app. Customers may schedule scrap collection from their homes or workplaces with skilled and verified agents. According to the creator, Mukul Chhabra, these agents precisely balance the junk and offer the greatest value for it. On its website, the business also promises “responsible recycling of discarded materials”.

Furthermore, according to Chhabra, in only 2 years, ScrapUncle has shipped 14 lakh kg of scrap for recycling and performed over 22,000 pick-ups in the Delhi-NCR area.

Chabra said “I was interested in robotics since childhood. My maternal uncle is a scrap dealer. I’d visit his junkyard and look for electronic equipment for my robots and projects. For me, it was heaven. That’s also how I got a fair idea about how the sector functioned,”.

Shark Tank Season 2 in India Scrap Uncle Business revived a popular term from the age of Instagram and social media during Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by stating, “Kachrewala woh kaise hua, Kachre wale to hum hain, woh safaiwala hai.” Businesses in today’s environment serve as a daily reminder that we gather trash and they clean. This example of converting rubbish into a profitable enterprise must have inspired you.

Business pitcher and Shark Amit come to an agreement for 60 lakh for 5% equity.

Fan comments, “Don’t make it Bigg Boss,” after Shark Tank judges Amit Jain and Anupam Mittal argue about “Scrap Uncle” founder Mukul Chhabra.

India’s Shark Tank Two judges are always ready to be the first to invest in a contestant before the other sharks. Similarly, when Scrap Uncle creator Mukul Chhabra took the stage to pitch his company to the sharks, something similar occurred.

After Mukul finished pitching his business plan to the sharks, the camera pans towards Vineeta Singh, who is shown looking at him while keeping her mouth open, even as an excited Anupam Mittal says, “Hats off to you.” Following this, Anupam and Amit both started providing Scrap Uncle equity in the range of 5 to 10%.

As one user noted, “The recycling idea has a promising future. I saw a movie where Jackie Chan deals with garbage/waste and he says that rubbish would become a billion-dollar business in the future.” “Sharks should not fight, accept it sportingly,” commented another. Don’t call yourself Bigg Boss.” Another commenter stated, “Shark Tank isn’t a show; it’s a culture.”

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