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Mukesh Ambani Finally Reveals The Reason For Starting Jio

| Published on March 17, 2018

Digitalisation has impacted our lives in multiple ways. Indians have been using the internet from years but the launch of Reliance Jio changed the telecom scenario in the country completely. Earlier, the speed of internet was low and the cost was very high and now the situation is opposite. Users are consuming more data at lower prices. Jio played a very smart move by giving free internet to their users in the initial days which made consumers use data without thinking about the prices.


Have you ever wondered what made Mukesh Ambani launch Jio? Who better can answer this question than the founder himself. He has openly talked about this at a conference and confirmed that it was not his own thinking. On asking from where did he get the idea, Ambani told that back in the year 2011 his daughter Isha Ambani had a college work and she wanted to submit some coursework on some website and she was disappointed by the internet speed she was getting at home. Isha was habitual of high-speed internet in her college which was located in Yale (in the US). After some days her twin brother Akash Ambani also told his father that everything will be connected to the internet in few years.

From this Mukesh Ambani got the idea of starting Jio, he wanted to provide best internet service in the country at affordable prices and he has done this in a very short span of time.

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Transformation of Indian Telecom sector after Jio

Indian Telecom sector has seen a lot of changes since the launch of Jio. Companies are now focussing on providing a stable connection to the users at very low prices as compared to earlier rates. 4G connection is now accessible in most parts of the country.


Effect on rates

To compete with Jio, other companies have lowered their rates. For example, earlier companies used to charge RS 250 for a 1GB plan which is now available at around Rs 50 only.

Effect on the sale of smartphones

The sales of smartphones have also increased due to Jio. Customers now prefer 4G phones as they get good quality of service at a very good price. Increase in the number of smartphones has led to increase in content usage due to which companies are now paying big money for online advertising.

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Even after giving free internet for a long period of time, Jio is now making money. Such ideas are perfect examples of making money by quality service.

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