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This Is How Much Money Facebook Earns Per User

| Published on November 1, 2018

After a full research and analysis of how Facebook operates, its vast network of ads and products along with several cute emojis and stickers, the earnings of Facebook per user has been calculated to estimate its outreach and the results are enough to blow your mind.

The prime thing to note is that this giant social network has a plethora of options to generate income including Ads, direct payments and the famous marketplace option that has several services like food ordering etc. Last quarter, Facebook has reported an average income of $6.09 per user, which means that Facebook earns about $6.09 on an average from about 2 billion users on its platform.


However, the earnings from this vast platform depend largely upon the location of the users. This accounts for varied earnings, in the US, the average earnings are $27.61 per user while in India or other Asia Pacific countries, the earnings are about $2.61 per user. Thus, the platform makes 10x more money from its US users as compared to its Asian users. Facebook has earned the position of being the world’s 5th most valuable company due to its high number of users. With 7.6 billion people on earth and 2.27 billion on Facebook, this has led to a huge audience on the social media platform which is about 30% of the entire population.

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The best thing is that about one-fifth of humanity or 1.5 billion people are Facebook users. While analysts are not satisfied with the numbers as Facebook’s stocks have bogged down to 3%, even investors do not want to spend their money on a platform that has low profitable revenue avenues. Owing to the low Facebook earnings each quarter from 56% to 49% and now, 33% makes the company’s stability questionable in the coming future.

For now, Facebook has more users pitching from developed markets like the US and Canada and lost about a million users from Europe, there is a need for further company growth analysis and new methods to be found for stimulating the growth otherwise revenue growth of this social media platform will slow down further in the upcoming quarters.

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