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MS Dhoni’s Painting Prank Is a Marketing Stunt By A Popular Brand

| Published on May 23, 2019

Cricket and cricketers are seen as icons in India which normal people look to as an inspiration. MS Dhoni is one of those legendary crickets who not only have a successful international career but have made a place in the hearts of cricket lovers all across the world.


He has been serving the country from long and every now and then, we get to read the opinions of people about when he should get retired from the game. This World Cup is something that the whole country is curious to see how Dhoni performs and how he plans his future.

In a recent video going viral, he is seen talking about leaving cricket to fulfill his childhood dream. He revealed that when he was a kid he wanted to become an artist. He is seen doing painting in the video and telling that he is even ready for an exhibition.


This was a shock for the whole country before a new video featuring Dhoni got released in which he clarified that he made the announcement when he was hungry. At the end of the video, he is seen taking a bite of a SNICKERS bar and rethinks his ‘hungry decision’.

Well, it turns out to be a smart marketing stunt from SNICKERS as the company has played a prank about Dhoni’s retirement with their philosophy, ‘You Are Not You When You’re Hungry’ You can watch the new video below:

This shows how creative brands have become to get the attention of Indian audience as directly talking about a product or service has become an old strategy and it doesn’t put an impact on the viewer.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said,

“Since its launch in India, SNICKERS has effectively established itself as a solution to hunger cravings and developed a strong base of loyal consumers. The brand is known for its quirky, tongue-in-cheek personality and the fun prank with brand ambassador M.S. Dhoni was the perfect representation of the brand’s values. Fans never expected Dhoni would play such a prank on them. But even Captain Cool can lose his cool when hungry! Hunger pangs can get to the best of us, and for that we can always grab a SNICKERS.”

Quote source: Adgully

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