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MS Dhoni Says No To Brand Endorsements During The Pandemic. See Why

| Published on July 9, 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused a major drop in the global economy, it has also made way for a lot of new business trends and opportunities mainly in the medical & healthcare sector.

Many brands are coming up with an alternative product range or service that would ensure that their business stays afloat and in the market for as long as possible. This, in turn, has increased the number of celebrity brand endorsements.

Though many celebrities are seen endorsing during the pandemic, there is one who has decided to take a break from all of it.

MS Dhoni has reportedly decided not to do any commercial endorsements amid the COVID-19 pandemic and instead shifted focus to organic farming.

Dhoni took a sabbatical from cricket in 2019 and has begun making new plans for his future.

According to a statement given by Mihir Diwakar, his childhood friend/Manager, to PTI, Dhoni is more focused on organic farming on his 40-50 acres farmland and has decided to distance himself from the brand endorsements until the situation becomes normal again.

Patriotism is in his blood, be it serving for the country (in defence) or (farming) the land, he’s very passionate about it. He has about 40-50 acres of farmland and he is busy growing organic crops like papaya, banana there. He has stopped brand endorsements and has said that till life comes to normal, he won’t do any commercial activity.

Dhoni had recently bought himself a brand new Swaraj 963 FE tractor and a video of him riding his new prized possession was posted on twitter. Dhoni plans on launching his own range of organic fertilizers under their company Neo Global.

The cricketer has always advocated the harmful impacts of pesticides and how one needs to switch to organic means of farming. His team has even started testing these fertilizers on his farm and will be launched after the due diligence.

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