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How Motorola Made The Most Of Twitter For Its Product Launches

| Published on September 23, 2018

Social media platforms have become the best medium to market a product. Along with being cost-effective, results are easily analysed on social media as the data is available in such a simple method that it makes the process of market research very smooth.

Facebook and Instagram are currently the most famous platforms for advertising a product but Twitter is also joining the party with its unique features. Motorola took the benefit of Twitter for the launch of MotoG6 and MotoG6Play and got very healthy engagement rates and reach. Today, we are sharing how Motorola was able to achieve this.

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Why Twitter


Twitter is mostly used by professionals or by people who are tech-savvy, so to target the Gen Z audience, Motorola chose Twitter.

From May 20 to June 6, 2018, Motorola used Twitter to build curiosity. Motorola chose to use various options available for promotion on Twitter like Live, and RT/Heart. “We recognise Twitter as the key platform where our audience goes to know about everything that is new and happening. And this strategic partnership helped us leverage the platform and its unique formats to deliver a clutter-breaking and holistic launch experience,” said Simran Dhindsa, Media & Digital Marketing Head, Motorola India.

With this campaign, Motorola became the first brand to directly partner with Twitter and launch products event by using Custom Livestream on the platform.

Engaging users pre-launch

Motorola India encouraged fans to engage with the pre-launch Tweet by making it an option to receive reminder tweets for the live stream of launch. This strategy did well for @motorolaindia, and the tweet received over 25K Likes and close to 400K video views.

This even helped them on the day of the launch, as notifications increased the live stream viewers and when the products went on sale later at midnight, a follow-up notification was sent to all the viewers. “We brought together entertainers from different passion points for our users, i.e. music, technology, art and dance, and put together an elaborate and engaging launch event,” said Simran Dhindsa, Media & Digital Marketing Head, Motorola India.

Using emojis

To add color to the conversations around the product launch, Motorola and Twitter came up with a custom Twitter emoji that was made popular by hashtags such as #motog6, #motog6play, #motog6launch and #hellomoto.

The final take

Live Video is a good choice for Motorola as the popularity of video is increasing and helps in creating excitement before the launch with Retweet option to remind users for watching the live event. The campaign with an impressive engagement rate of 5% on the first view trend has set a benchmark for other brands which are planning something similar for their product launch.

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