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Mother’s Day 2024: Brands Celebrate Moms Through Heartfelt Messages

For Mother’s Day 2024, brands such as Amazon, Bandhan Life Insurance, Zee, McDonald's, Swiggy, boAt, Noise and more took the creative route to come up with heartfelt campaigns that allowed us to contemplate the profound impact of the presence of mothers in our lives.

| Published on May 13, 2024

Mother's Day 2024: Brands Celebrate Moms Through Heartfelt Messages

Mother’s Day, a cherished occasion worldwide, is a heartfelt tribute to the mothers who shape our lives with their love and guidance. This day is observed on the second Sunday of May and celebrates the profound influence of mothers worldwide.

Every year brands come up with unique ways to pay tribute to mothers on this special occasion. This year brands such as Amazon, Bandhan Life Insurance, Zee, McDonald’s, boAt, Noise, BIBA, Pocket FM, Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Capital, and others embraced the creative route to create touching campaigns that allowed us to contemplate the profound impact of the presence of mothers in our lives.


boAt came up with a ‘whimsical’ campaign to resonate with the cultural phenomenon surrounding “Mother Taylor’s” esteemed title as the “mother of the generation” among her devoted GenMZ fanbase, the Swifties. boAt’s campaign urged fans to not only honour their admiration for “Mother Taylor” but also to cherish and connect with their own mothers.

In partnership with JioSaavn, ads will be featured during Taylor Swift’s songs. These ads, voiced by a motherly figure, will remind listeners that while Taylor is phenomenal, their own mothers are equally wonderful and deserving of attention. The message encourages setting aside electronic devices to spend quality time with their own moms this Mother’s Day. A podcast-style reel featuring Saloni Gaur has been put together ft. her mother and Dadi (grandmother). In it, she discusses lyrics by Taylor Swift and juxtaposes them with life lessons from them.

Through their out-of-home (OOH) component, a significant emphasis has been drawn on how both Mother Taylor as well as our real mothers have been mothering. Urging people to spend and celebrate their real mothers too, just as they have been celebrating Mother Taylor, all playfully and humorously. For example, Mother Taylor’s lyrics hit us hard as she exclaims “I am a real tough kid”. Our mothers have also been speaking the same words of wisdom in her own style as she exclaims “Tu toh mera sher puttar hai”, serving as a gentle reminder to listen to our mother’s advice too.


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For Mother’s Day, Amazon invited their associates’ moms to their fulfilment center to let their associates to showcase their world to their mothers while also allowing their mothers to visit them at work and be a part of it. This campaign was conceptualised by FCB Kinnect.


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Terribly Tiny Tales

Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) and Haier Appliances India collaborated for the second season of its Mother’s Day IP, Mothership, a campaign celebrating the evolving bond between mothers and their children.

From ‘Situationships’ to ‘BFF Goals’, Mothership 2.0 is a youthful, fun, and relatable campaign through which both brands highlight how mothers constantly evolve and adapt to make sure their family’s every need is fulfilled. At the core of the campaign is an Instagram film featuring Rukhsar Rehman and Devishi Madaan as a modern-day mother-daughter duo navigating life’s twists with empowerment and support.

The film highlights a mother’s instinct to meet her children’s needs, reflecting Haier’s versatile range of appliances. Mothership Season 2 aims to ignite meaningful dialogues concerning the contemporary dynamics between mothers and their children, shedding light on the resilience and adaptability displayed by mothers in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The film showcases the special bond between a mother and her daughter, underscoring the everyday moments made smoother with Haier’s innovative products.

Through a diverse array of compelling content disseminated across multiple platforms, the campaign delves into the intricacies of modern motherhood, encapsulating both the challenges and the triumphs that define the maternal journey in the year 2024.

Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy

This year for mother’s day, Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy, from the house of Kinder, released a digital campaign that encourages mothers to take the day off. With the insight that a mother is always on duty for her children, Kinder’s new campaign titled #BonToBeTogether showcases a classified advertisement in the newspaper by a child looking for someone other than a mother to help with homework. The ad further mentions the eligibility criteria for the task and mentions that he does not want to bother his mom because it’s Mother’s Day weekend, encouraging readers to not inform his mom about the same.

As per the brand, to create curiosity and buzz, this classified ad was posted by Bollywood actors Karisma Kapoor, Bengali actor Subhashree Ganguly on their social media platforms. A digital video by the brand showcased that this Mother’s Day, the brand showcases

A digital video by the brand showcases that this Mother’s Day, the brand has taken the work out of homework and witnessed memorable pictures of mothers spending time with their kids thereby with a pack of Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy.


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Bandhan Life Insurance

Havas CX India conceptualised a digital film for Bandhan Life Insurance to celebrate Mother’s Day 2024. The campaign titled “Maa Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se” celebrates the bond between mothers and children by portraying how mothers act as the first “life insurance”, symbolising protection and nurturing instincts. The narrative follows a mother whose daily routine is disrupted by frequent hiccups until a heartwarming moment with her son unfolds, illustrating the distinct connection between a mother and her child.

Aditya Birla Capital

For Mother’s Day, Aditya Birla Capital came up with an ad film titled #PowerUpMoms. The film opens with a football match between mothers and fathers. Throughout the ad, the mom’s team can be seen winning. Toward the end, the referee points towards the board which says “Unfair penalties frustrating you, new moms get them all the time at work. This is called the motherhood penalty”.

Furthermore, the board states “Motherhood penalties are denied career opportunities, unfair pay and biased behaviour.”


ZEE’s #MaaKaVote campaign highlights the importance of self-care and self-discovery amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Through a touching Mother’s Day film, ZEE encourages mothers to pause, reflect on their own hopes and aspirations, and celebrate the simple joys of life that bring them happiness.


For this Mother’s Day, McDonald’s India – North and East celebrated the bond between mothers and their children with a story to capture the essence of childhood innocence, unconditional love, and gratitude. Ashu, an 8-year-old boy made a handmade greeting card, determined to make Mother’s Day special for “the world’s best mom”.

When despite his best efforts, his art does not match the perfect image of his mom, the little boy decides to break his ‘Gullak’ and plans a special treat along with his elder brother.

The boys made their mom drive to McDonald’s where Ashu assumed the role of the decision maker, placing an order as they surprised their mom with a treat paid for with the coins from his broken gullak. As they relish their meal together, their mother is filled with love and appreciation for her sons’ thoughtful gestures. The story concludes with a relatable message: “Maa kehti hai na, aapki khushi mein humari khushi, sach kehti hain… Here’s McDonald’s wishing you a happy Mother’s Day”.

With this, McDonald’s aimed to bring forth the essence of mothers’ unconditional and selfless love for their families and reminds us that it’s time of the year to give them a treat. To add to the joy of Mother’s Day celebrations, McDonald’s introduced an exclusive Mother’s Day offer available on the McDonald’s app, till 12 May 2024.


Swiggy’s Mother’s Day campaign, titled “Delighting Your Mom” revolves around the theme of siblings competing to delight their mom with special treats, all delivered through Swiggy Food. The film unfolds the narrative of a mother embraced in love and surprises from her children. The film opens in a living room, where a mother is seen scrolling through her phone.

Her son then surprises her with a chocolate pastry, followed by her daughter presenting a heart-shaped cake. The siblings exchange a knowing glance, and the competition begins. From photo cakes to cupcakes forming the word ‘MOM,’ the film showcases the siblings’ efforts to outdo each other in making their mother feel loved.


This Mother’s Day, Noise came up with an engaging campaign called “NoiseMAAker”. The campaign is centred around the theme of maternal love and support. As part of the campaign, “NoiseMAAker” took over push notifications on the app. Over the weekend, users received notifications in a familiar, “mom-like” tone, reminding them to prioritize health and wellness with gentle nudges to eat, sleep, and stay active.

The campaign unfolded across various channels, beginning with the app’s push notifications. Additionally, the brand introduced a teaser notice hinting at a change in the notification tone and addressing its investigation into the matter. This was followed by engaging content on social media, including investigative posts and participation from the audience to guess the mysterious figure behind the altered notifications. The reveal video showcased the heartwarming reason behind the modified notifications and unveiled the identity of the mystery NoiseMAAker – none other than ‘Maa’ herself. The campaign came to an end with a touching Mother’s Day wish, reminding users to “Listen to the noise within Mom”.

As per the brand, This strategy garnered widespread attention, with users and celebrities like actor Taapsee Pannu adding an extra layer of excitement by joining the fun and expressing curiosity about the changes in the notifications. The campaign generated a 40% increase in user engagement on the NoiseFit App during the Mother’s Day weekend. Moreover, social media impressions saw a 100% spike during the campaign period.


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BIBA unveiled its digital campaign, “Kuch Nahi,” which pays homage to the endless support and limitless compassion of mothers, often asking for nothing in exchange for their sacrifices. Shilpa Saklani, an Indian television actress, stars in the campaign.

The short film, produced and created in collaboration with premier creative firm Famous Innovations, reflects on our moms’ cherished memories. It reminds us of the countless times when mothers intuitively knew what we wanted before we asked for it. The campaign focuses on the daily moments of a mother’s love and sacrifice. Set in a ‘humble’ household, the film follows the story of a mother who effortlessly fulfils the needs of her family, always knowing exactly what they need, even without them having to share. The film then moves ahead to depict the daughter bringing her mother a BIBA outfit for a family function she must attend to honour the mother with a selfless act, illustrating the depth of a mother’s understanding and compassion.


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On the occasion of Mothers’ Day 2024, Unstop has revamped some of the various sections on its website for a week as part of its campaign- “Unlock Maa’s guidance with Unstop” which has been conceptualised entirely in-house, to pay tribute to the first and most influential mentors in life by recognising the love and effort mothers put in, through their Mentorship.

Under this, the talent engagement and hiring platform for students and graduates has rebranded sub-sections under its mentorship section from ‘Find a Mentor’ to ‘Maa’s Picks’, ‘Become a Mentor’ to ‘Mentor like Maa!’ and ‘Explore Masterclasses’ to ‘Upskill with Masterclasses Maa Recommends’.

Similarly, the “Recommended Mentor” section now features a new tagline- “We know you can’t decide which mentor is right for you. So we made it easier,” along with Unstop’s recommended mentors, making it simpler for users to find the perfect mentor. In addition, Unstop has also created what every mother’s resume would look like in a quirky take on the little things mothers say, ranging from a Bachelor’s in Cancelling Goa Plans to having Domain Expertise in knowing when the weather is about to change.



Duroflex launched a heartfelt campaign for Mother’s Day. The campaign, “Kaam ko kaho #9KeBaadNo” aims to address the issues that the late-night work culture imposes on their mothers. Most mothers find themselves working beyond official work hours, which gets in the way of their time to unwind and relax after a long, tiring day. Late-night work calls and emails disrupt their much-needed rest, impacting their health and overall well-being. With the simple mantra “No More Work after 9 p.m.,” the brand seeks uninterrupted sleep for our hard-working mothers. Duroflex uses an interesting role reversal, where they empower children to safeguard their mom’s precious sleep.

The film showcases a mother finishing up last-minute work, ready to log off for the day. As she shuts her laptop and retires for the night, the phone buzzes with her boss calling. Looking at her mother peacefully resting, the 10-year-old kid takes it upon herself to ensure her mother’s peaceful sleep is undisturbed. She picks up the call, adjusts her voice, and mimics the call-progress tone to share an innocent yet affirmative message that conveys firmly how one less work call can help her mom get a sound and undisturbed sleep.

Through this, Duroflex also aims to pave the way for a much more supportive society that gives women’s health the priority it deserves.

Pocket FM

Pocket FM, the audio series platform unveiled a ‘touching tribute’ video for Mother’s Day 2024 to celebrate the bond between its employees and their mothers. The video, was conceptualised and produced entirely by Pocket FM’s internal team, including scripting and voice narration. The video brings back the mother-kid moments and reflects the ‘heartfelt’ connections every employee has with their mothers.

The video captures candid moments and heart-to-heart conversations, offering a glimpse into the profound impact that these women have had on their children. The aim of the video is to encapsulate the essence of Mother’s Day by celebrating the bond between mothers and their children.

Asian Paints

Asian Paints launched a series of three digital films to celebrate Mother’s Day, aimed at taking millennials and younger millennials on a nostalgic trip. The films conceptualised by FCB Kinnect, capture the value of mothers through playful narratives, focusing on familiar dialogues and gestures that resonate across generations. From the infamous “Yeh toh ghar pe bhi banjayega” (We can easily make this at home) to the classic eye rolls accompanied by “Kids these days”, these films explore how we are gradually adopting our mothers’ mannerisms.

The films incorporate Asian Paints’ key brands including Royale Play textures, Sabyasachi for Nilaya furnishings, and ezyCR8 DIY range.


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Tata Tea Gold Care

This Mother’s Day, Tata Tea Gold Care collaborated with Laqshya Media Group to host a ‘one-of-a-kind’, technology-driven celebration at Nexus Mall, Koramangala, Bengaluru and at South City Mall, Kolkata transforming them into an ‘emotional wonderland’ from May 10 to 12, 2024.

The campaign allowed visitors to enjoy a tech-enabled activation at the Tata Tea Gold Care booth, where they could capture ‘cherished moments with their mothers. Photos taken at the booth will be instantly displayed on a grand digital screen in real-time, capturing all mall visitors’ attention. This moment of recognition will transform mothers into celebrities and each consumer will receive a personalised tea cup that makes their tea-time experience with their mothers even more special.

To extend the campaign’s reach and ensure active participation, Tata Tea Gold Care partnered with local influencers and radio jockeys to promote the event across social media and radio channels. The celebration didn’t end at the mall.

Special Tea packs were personalised based on consumer submissions from a nationwide print, digital and social campaign celebrating the unique bond between mothers and their children.

These special packs were to be delivered directly to the homes of the best 650 entries that reached first. Participants could submit heartfelt messages and pictures capturing the essence of their relationship with their mother via the dedicated website.

The website also offered special e-greetings that consumers can share with their mothers, enhancing the day’s festive spirit.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation launched a special campaign for Mother’s Day. Conceptualised as ‘The OG Buffet Maker’, this campaign is a tribute to the nourishing meals and boundless love mothers have always provided.

Barbeque Nation aimed to pay tribute to every mom’s relentless spirit and extraordinary commitment. The campaign features a film, a special celebration for mothers at all their restaurants, and activities that encourage families to create memorable moments together.


Lendingkart, the fintech company, has come up with a heartwarming initiative to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. In a thoughtful gesture, the company is paying a special tribute to the mothers of its leadership team by showcasing their names and pictures on the company’s team website.

The brand has replaced the pictures and profiles of its leadership on the ‘Teams’ page of its website with those of the leader’s mothers. This initiative is aimed at honouring and acknowledging the pivotal role that mothers play in celebrating the lives and careers of their children.


Himalaya BabyCare

Himalaya Babycare unveiled a film titled #StrengthOfLove to showcase the resilience of moms and intends to celebrate the natural strength and love that mothers embody, showcased through everyday tasks and challenges they handle while managing their little ones.

The film captures the true sentiment behind Mother’s Day and takes viewers on a journey that explores the concept of multitasking through a series of ‘fun’ challenges. Participants from various backgrounds are tasked with holding seemingly simple objects while engaging in their hobbies. However, the real test takes place when they’re asked to multitask, replicating the daily realities of motherhood.

While others struggle to hold their objects while performing their usual activities, one participant, a mother, remains undeterred. We see her effortlessly organise a room while holding a flowerpot, showcasing the unmatched strength mothers possess. The emotional climax reveals the secret of her resilience: Her 1.5-year-old child. As the camera pans out, the audience realises the significance of a mother’s strength of love.

Apart from these brands such as croma, godrejhub, Haldiram’s, Reliance General Insurance and others also came up with compelling and creative campaigns.

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