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Mother’s Day 2019 Creates New Records In Terms Of E-commerce Sales. Check Out Why

| Published on May 13, 2019

The modern age customer has become very aware of the important days and events. brands know this fact and they advertise big on occasions like Mother’s Day. This year, mother’s day was special because of a lot of reasons. The day saw over $25 billion in sales making it the 3rd largest eCommerce day after Christmas and Back-to-School. Even though the official numbers from giants like Amazon are still not revealed, experts believe that the spend this year is the highest in the 16 years since spending has been tracked for the holiday.

Now, why all this happened? Below are some factors that will help you understand:

  • We all know that retail is shifting online and most of the high spending customers are preferring online platforms to buy gifts for events like Mother’s Day.
  • Gifting stuff like jewelry, flowers, greeting cards and eating out has become a common way to spend good time. The spending on jewelry alone this year is expected to be more than $5 billion with an increase of 31% YOY.
  • People today are happy to celebrate not just moms on this day but all kinds of mother figures. Aunts, Grandmothers, stepmoms, sisters and of course, moms all make the list. This makes a large target audience for brands to cover. Men, as always, spent more on Mother’s Day – a whopping $237 this year compared with $158 in 2018.
  • Also, customers look for unique gifts to create a special memory and for that new players are coming up with fresh concepts and gifting ideas.

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Well, for those who don’t know, Mother’s Day was not always this commercial. Its founder, Anna Jarvis, launched the day to celebrate her mother, who always wanted a holiday that celebrated mothers everywhere. Post her mother’s death in 1905 a letter-writing campaign started and ended up becoming national Mother’s Day holiday with the help of influential leaders such as William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Wannamaker.

Brands have certainly found out the secrets making this holiday into a profitable one.

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