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7 Most Followed Threads Accounts Till Now

| Published on July 8, 2023

Meta, the tech giant behind popular platforms like Facebook, has recently unveiled its latest social media offering, Threads. Designed as a direct competitor to Twitter, Threads integrates seamlessly with Instagram, providing users with a unique and engaging text-based exchange experience.

In the vast universe of social media, few platforms have captured our attention and devotion quite like Threads. Launched just yesterday, this dynamic platform has already made waves, captivating millions of users with its unique and captivating content.

This substantial user base is expected to grow further as the platform continues to attract attention, with several celebrities rumored to join in the coming days. With such a thriving community, it’s only natural to wonder about the top profiles and individuals who have amassed the highest number of followers on Threads.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the most followed Threads accounts that are captivating users worldwide, where creativity knows no bounds and followers multiply by the minute!

Top 10 Profiles Reigning with the Most Followers on Threads

1. Kim Kardashian (4 million followers)

Kim Kardashian, the renowned American social media sensation, has joined the ranks of Threads’ most-followed with 4 million users, despite having yet to make a single post on the platform. This achievement is even more remarkable considering her massive following of over 362 million on Instagram.

2. MR. Beast (3.9 Million Followers)

James Donaldson, widely recognized by his popular YouTube alias Mr. Beast, the pioneer in the Threads Account phenomenon. This account made headlines by astonishingly amassing over 1 million followers within a single day of its launch. With unprecedented speed, his Threads Account skyrocketed to fame, solidifying his status as the undefeated champion of the threaded realm.

3. Selena Gomez

American singer Selena Gomez was also quick to get on to threads and she is among the most followed celebs with over 3.7 million followers.

4. Kylie Jenner (3.5 million followers)

Kylie Jenner, a renowned celebrity, has quickly garnered an impressive following of two million on the Threads platform, despite not having made any posts yet. This remarkable feat highlights her immense popularity and influence in the digital realm. In just one day, Kylie Jenner has managed to amass an astonishing number of followers, signaling the immense anticipation and interest surrounding her potential contributions to the platform.

5. Shakira (3.2 million followers)

Shakira, the renowned Colombian singer and songwriter, is anticipated to become the next prominent celebrity on Threads with the highest number of followers. Shakira has successfully established herself in the music industry since the early 1990s and maintains a substantial fan base across various social media platforms.

6. Will Smith (3 million followers)

Celebrity figure Will Smith is among the notable users on the Threads platform, boasting a substantial follower count exceeding one million, despite not having made any posts yet. Smith’s illustrious career spans over thirty years in the Hollywood industry, and in 2022, he achieved a significant milestone by securing his first Academy Award for Best Actor. His exceptional portrayal of Richard Williams earned him this esteemed accolade.

7. Jennifer Lopez (3 million followers)

Jennifer Lopez, a renowned celebrity, managed to amass a staggering two million followers on Threads within a single day. This significant surge in her follower count showcases the immense popularity and appeal she holds among fans. With her captivating performances and remarkable talent, Lopez continues to captivate audiences around the world, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Don’t wait and let your threads make new strong connections!

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