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Where Are The Moral Ethics Of The Online World?

| Published on September 2, 2018

Yes, we all know the fast-paced world, the digital world and how brands are promoting themselves to remain on top of the mind, of their customers. But do you feel, that brands are going so overboard that ethics, correct communication, and playing with the psyche of the audience don’t matter at all?

The Ethically Wrongs

Take an instance, a gaming brand claims, “This game won’t let you sleep”. Is this ethically, morally and socially correct? Are brands really asking people to give up on their sleep, it doesn’t matter if they fall sick, or come back tired after work and have other social responsibilities, all that the brand care is that get hooked to the game and lose your sleep over it.


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In another instance, we came across a women lingerie brand’s ad placed on a gaming site for kids. Is it correct for a 10-12-year-old to see women dressed in lingerie while he is trying to play a game online? Where are the media ethics?

Where is the Moral Police?


When a program like Sacred Games, which has a user disclaimer and A certificate given along with the cinematic license, even adults end up complaining about the morals of the society. When a reputed actress is seen wearing a backless dress and smoking in real life, her character is challenged, but what happens to the moral police when deciding on placement of ads, or the communication and content of the ad and its possible implications? Why both the brands and the social media platforms not conscious of all these things.

In the name of brand promotion and making money are the online mediums and the brands going overboard? Do let us know your views on this in the comment section.

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