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2 minutes read

Moment Marketing: PUBG Has The Best Plan For Couples On This Valentine’s Day

| Published on February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for brands to make their relationship strong with potential customers. PUBG Mobile probably knows this fact and have planned a smart strategy. To gift something special, PUBG Mobile in a tweet posted a video with the caption ‘There is no room for love on the battlegrounds’. The video shows a couple in new love-themed skins taking on enemies and winning in the end. These new skins are part of the Killer Angel set and they can be obtained from a time-limited crate valid for 17 days.

In addition to this, there are rose plants all around the airdrop crate. In the video, first the girl takes out the sniper and after that as other players start rushing in towards that drop, she drops a smoke grenade and the two finish off all the opponents that are around them. The new costumes are red, pink and white. The guy costume comes with a heart-shaped upper body part while the girl costume comes with small white wings on the back.

For those who don’t know this, the next round of PUBG Mobile India Series has begun. Online playoffs have started and will continue till February 24. According to a tweet of PUBG Mobile, people can also watch the live streaming of online playoffs round. Viewers can also win an Oppo phone for watching the live stream of the game.

The tweet reads, “Watch the Live Stream of OPPO x PUBG MOBILE India Series – Online Playoffs from 10th Feb to 24th Feb and participate in the viewers match to win an exciting OPPO Phone!”

This is a clever strategy to maintain its popularity in the gaming market. We will keep an eye to see what response this new move gets.

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