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Moment Marketing: How Brands Are Making The Most Of F Gear “Mature Bag” Trend

| Published on July 18, 2019

These days it is very difficult to judge what can go viral on social media. Meme creators have become so powerful that they can make anyone popular within days, and this time they have made a deserving brand famous with “Mature Bag” trend. For those who don’t know, it all started with a TikTok video featuring a 17-year-old guy telling the benefits of F Gear bag in order to look attractive among girls in college. He explains how buying the popular F Gear brown bag can do wonders to the looks of a guy.

As it has been happening continuously on social media, brands latched onto this opportunity of advertising themselves by making creatives around this bag. Take a look at some of the best among them:

Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police once again proved that they have one of the meme creators by using this Mature Bag in spreading awareness about remaining safe.

Western Railway

Western Railway educated online audience to be aware of unattended bags and be careful with their belongings.

Mumbai BMC

Amazon India

MTV India

Big FM

Skore Condoms

This surely shows the power of this Mature Bag in the online world right now. Also, brands are getting better in using Moment Marketing with such trends.

Talking about F Gear, it is a leading Backpack brand in India with a wide variety of products that integrate style, functionality and design technology. F Gear aims to solve modern-day problems with innovative products including Anti Theft Backpacks, Trekking Backpacks, Canvas Backpacks, Leatherette Backpacks and many more. If you are looking to buy the Mature Bag, you can get that from AmazonFlipkart and Myntra

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