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Mom Finds Kids Using Alexa To Buy Christmas Gifts From Amazon of Almost Rs 50,000

| Published on December 22, 2019

Veronica Estelle, from  Michigan, United States, got the surprise of her life when a UPS delivery driver turned up with some online shopping boxes.

She was later shocked when she found those boxes full of Barbies, PJ Masks toys and LOL Surprise toys that she hadn’t ordered.

The mother-of-two soon discovered that her daughters Aryss, six and son Cameron, four, had bought some early Christmas presents for themselves. And the best part is that they paid for the gifts by using voice assistant Alexa and the credit card linked to the Amazon account.

Alexa makes it possible for Amazon customers to order products using saved preferences, including payment method and delivery address, although it is possible for child-safe measures to be put in place.

Facebook video of Veronica confronting her two opportunistic children has gone viral, racking up over 5million views.



After confronting her daughters about the purchase, Veronica jokingly asked her children: ‘How come you didn’t buy me anything?’

The mother-of-two told their children they would be punished for the order and joked they would ‘go to jail’ for ‘credit card fraud’.

Veronica Estelle, 26, from Sterling Heights, Michigan, has revealed that her children, Aryss (left), six, and Cameron (right), four, ordered more than $400 worth of toys using their Alexa

When the parcels first arrived, Veronica thought they were gifts from family members.

While some parents praised the children’s creativity, others questioned whether the entire situation might be a stunt set up by Veronica in a bid to find fame online.

Whatever may the back story be, the video was hilarious and thankfully Veronica later revealed Amazon had agreed to refund the orders.

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