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Do Models Really Help In Promoting Automobiles At Auto Expo?

| Published on February 10, 2018

Auto Expo is a big event for car and bike manufacturers. Every little thing during the Auto Expo can make a huge difference for the type of effect that brands want to put for attracting customers. The Auto Expo 2020 is already making buzzes with some amazing new launches. Thousands of people attend the Auto Expo event to check out the bikes and cars that companies launch. Along with automobiles, another thing that interests youngsters to visit Auto Expo is the presence of beautiful models in this event.


During the Auto Expo 2020, most companies have attractive looking girls to capture maximum attention of people who come to attend the event.

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Companies have been using the strategy of attracting men with beautiful models but is it really a good tactic to use?
Well, we all know that automobile industry is male-dominated and to make the most of this, brands just try everything that can work in their favour. But a lot of times people don’t care about the features of the car that is getting launched because all of their focus tends to go to the ever-smiling face of models standing near the cars. So, we can say that this can have a negative impact on engaging the audience meaningfully.


Also, female buyers are also neglected in this strategy which can go as another missed opportunity for companies. Brands spend heavy money on these models. A professional model takes around Rs 15,000 for standing during a single day in Auto Expo. The price of foreign models is almost double. This money can be used in many other ways to engage the audience. A lot of times these models are forced to get featured in selfies of visitors and the situation does get worse on many occasions.
The point that arises is- do these companies which can make such good automobiles have a need of using models to sell cars.

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