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Missing Flights? Air India Is Launching New Flights That Will Take You Nowhere

| Published on September 27, 2020

Who said flying has to be restricted because of the coronavirus pandemic? Even though the numbers are increasing by the day, we are all taking necessary precautions to ensure that we and the people around us stay safe. Even testing has rapidly increased which has cleared the way for any long-term restrictions on travelling. So what if we told you that you could fly off nowhere and come back to where you started? Air India, one of India’s trusted aviation brands is now launching flights for you where you can travel and enjoy the experience of flying as the brand gets you back to the airport from where you started.

Air India

The idea is to boost the flying experience. It will be a scenic experience for travel enthusiasts until travelling resumes safely for everyone. This model has been replicated from Qantas Airways’ ‘Flight to Nowhere’ campaign where tickets for this one of a kind experience were sold out in 10 minutes! Air India is expecting the age groups of 18-40 at least, more or less, to partake in this new experience with more details to be disclosed very soon.

What does Air India’s Flight to Nowhere entail?

If you be a part of the Flight to Nowhere experience issues by Air India, you will experience the following,

  • The wide aired Boeing 747 will be utilised for this experience
  • The air bubble system will be utilised that will help this flight take international destinations as well
  • It will be a flight of approximately 7-8 hours
  • The flight will operate on a safe flying level i.e., the Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (MOCA). This will avoid any unnecessary delays during the flight and will also protect the plane from crashing into a public property like high-rise buildings.

While you won’t land at a new place, it is the joy of experiencing that makes it worth it. Will you be willing to take it?

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Source: Times Now News

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