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Miss The Good Ol’ Windows Phone? Here’s 3 Things We Miss About Them

| Published on June 28, 2020

Do you remember how the Windows phones were a hit back in the day? So many customisations to choose from and a host of colours were available within an affordable price range. As nostalgia hits us, here are 3 things we absolutely loved about them and we’re sure you’ll resonate with us on the same as well!


Remember Cortana? The Windows assistant was really popular among its users and had the ability to segregate your likes and dislikes into categories, to suggest something based on your interests.

Live Tiles

Things We Loved About The Windows Phones That Make Us Wish They Were Still Around

The customisable tiles were perhaps the best things about Windows Phones. You could have these tiles all-around your home screen, displaying whichever application you liked. What’s more? You could customise its length and height, and also optimise its colours with ease.

Action Centre

The Action Centre would have all your notifications in one place. There were also a range of features under this category that provide easy shortcuts to other features like switching on the WiFi or dimming the screen brightness.

What was your favourite feature of the Windows Phone?

Source: Mensxp

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