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Millionaire Flies 725 Kms, Spends Around Rs 2 Lakhs To Eat McDonald’s Mac & Fries

| Published on December 6, 2020

The world is a crazy place to live in, with some people going beyond limits to explore it. Often, we hear some crazy stories involving food, money, fashion, and more. As humans, our cravings get the better of us. But when you have to travel miles and spend an unimaginable amount on the same, how would you feel about that?

Recently, a millionaire from Russia had a craving for fried and a Big Mac from McDonald’s. Everyone around the world loves the fast-food chain. Viktor Martynov went the extra miles by literally flying 725 km and spending $2670 in total to have a taste of the Big Mac and fries he was intently craving for. Why did he have to do so?


While holidaying in Crimea, he had the certain urge to eat at a McDonald’s, and due to some sanction restrictions in the area, fast food outlets like McDonald’s are not given permission to operate. So they boarded a helicopter to fly to Krasnodar and had a hearty meal. And then they flew back to Crimea. We wish we were this rich!

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In other news, people have done some crazy things this year in search of food. To buy bread in London during the lockdown earlier this year, a man drove at 177kms/hr in the UK. Another individual drove for at least 32 km from his hometown in Australia to satisfy his craving for some Indian Butter Chicken. This lockdown had definitely left us desperate for food among other things, but would you ever go this extra mile to satisfy your hunger?

Source: Times Now News

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