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Microsoft’s Latest Ad Gives 5 Reasons To Ditch Apple

| Published on April 12, 2021

Rival brands are always seen taking a dig at one another in their ad campaigns. They not only make a great campaign but are also fun for both its customers to witness the healthy bantering. This is not a new phenomenon though. Brands have been trying to pull each other down for a very long time now.

Recently, Microsoft has decided to follow the tradition and has made an ad about why you should ditch Apple products. In the ad, the brand has made fun of Apple iPad Pro. This is not the first time that Microsoft has gone after its arch-rival. Microsoft & Apple have been having this bitter-sweet relationship for ages now.

In this ad, a teen who was in Microsoft’s previous ad can be seen comparing the Apple iPad Pro and Surface Pro 7.


As per the teen in the video, these are some of the good reasons why you should ditch the Apple iPod Pro and go for the Surface Pro 7 instead.

– Firstly, the Surface Pro has a built-in kickstand whereas the iPad Pro doesn’t.

– The Surface Type Cover easily clicks and attaches to the keyboard while the Apple iPad Pro does not come with a keyboard. You need to buy them seperatly. And the Apple one is a lot heavier comparatively.

– As for the connectivity, the Surface comes with multiple port access to make it more accessible. Whereas for Apple, there is just one port which might be a challenge sometimes.

– Now, iPad Pro is a tablet and that is all, while Surface Pro is not just a tablet but a complete computer that can be used on the go.

– Lastly, it all comes down to the price. Despite the additional advantages, the Surface Pro 7 cost $880 while the iPad Pro costs $1348

It may be true that both the products have their own charm and benefits but only those who have used both can tell which one is truly better. Which one would you go for? Do tell us in the comment section.

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