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Microsoft Is Finally Putting An End To Internet Explorer And Aren’t We All Thankful!

| Published on August 21, 2020

How often have you been prompted to make the Internet Explorer your ‘default broswer’? According to Microsoft, they are finally retiring the browser due to its uselessness in present times. Of course, we couldn’t be happier! A lot of people are relieved actually, and cannot wait for that to actually happen. In recent times, Internet Explorer was re-branded as the Microsoft Edge, and it seemed like the only thing the world was stuck at, despite being way ahead in time. Twitteratti definitely had a word or two to say about this new move!

The Sarcastic Takes On Internet Explorer!

Haven’t we all done this?


There were some priceless reactions to this step taken by Microsoft. Internet Explorer will be officially gone off the web by August 17th, 2021. Aren’t we all waiting for 2021 to happen? This is really good news, and honestly, necessary as this app was being wasted by millions of users worldwide.



Some attachements are unhealthy. This was the case with Microsoft and Internet Explorer as well. With new browsers such as Safari, Chrome and even Firefox, you would not even miss it. Google Chrome is the best one available in the past decade and we’ll probably see new ventures taken up by Microsoft as well.

With this, we definitely come to the end of an era. While 2020 has definitely been a rolllercoaster of a year, we will officially be bidding goodbye to one of our applications that all of us basically grew up with, when technology wasn not even that advanced! Nostalgia is sure going to hard, but it is better to let go for unique things to come by.

How have you been using Internet Explorer, or have you used it at all, like ever? Share your best Internet Explorer moment with us. We know we will miss those memes for sure!

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