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Microsoft Mocks Facebook-WhatsApp Over Privacy Concerns

| Published on January 20, 2021

The world is baffled by WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update and how certain claims have risen regarding this Facebook-owned company’s genuineness. To add fuel to the fire, Microsoft owned Skype took a straight-up dig at both companies owned by Mark Zuckerberg by posting a tweet on Twitter. And why wouldn’t they?

In the tweet, Skype mentions how it keeps its users’ data safe without the interference of any third party individuals or applications. Uh-oh!

If you check the link thoroughly, you will find Microsoft’s last update in November 2020 highlighting how they are sharing the data of millions of users. Seems fair? A number of users have moved on after revelations of WhatsApp’s policies came to light. Signal and Telegram are now trending as they offer end-to-end encryption and are gaining more popularity than WhatsApp. After all, trust that goes away once is gone forever!

Apparently, the users seemed to differ with Skype’s statement bringing in their individual complaints regarding the app, its interface, and how it was going to be replaced.

Some users also pointed out how Skype has had its fair share of privacy policy blunders in the past and shouldn’t have commented on this statement.

Despite everything, Skype replied to the users by mentioning that they could send in their feedbacks and the team would try to solve it as soon as possible.

What do you think about WhatsApp’s latest privacy policy row? Have you made the switch yet?

Source: India Times

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