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Meta Unveils New Avatar Customization Options Across Platforms

| Published on May 1, 2023

Meta has revealed a range of new customization options for avatars, including body shapes, hair, and clothing textures, across various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This announcement comes as the number of avatar users on Meta’s platforms has crossed the 1 billion mark.

Social media platforms have witnessed a surge in popularity of avatars, providing users with a unique and creative medium to express themselves online. These digital representations allow for greater customisation with options to choose body shapes, hair, clothing, and accessories.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has announced an update to make avatars even more appealing to users. The update includes new body shapes, improved hair, and clothing textures, with over one billion avatars already created. Meta aims to take personalisation to a new level with this update.

“One billion avatars. Yesterday, we got to publicly announce and celebrate that incredible milestone. More than one billion avatars have been created across our technologies. That’s a billion times people have re-imagined how they show up online — like showing up to meetings in a suit and tie while wearing pajamas in real life,” the company declared in a blog post. Meta and PUMA collaborated to add seven costumes to the Meta Avatars Store.

Starting this month, users will have a greater selection of body shape options to pick from, including two curvier body forms and clothing from some of the top fashion, sports, and lifestyle companies including Madhappy, the NBA, Prada, and Thom Browne. Starting on May 1, sports attire will be available.

“We’re adding a handful of new avatar body shapes to help you better express yourself — especially if expressing yourself means dancing along to “Hips Don’t Lie.” We’ve also partnered with PUMA to bring seven outfits to the Meta Avatars Store.”

The clothes and hair textures for the avatars have also been modified by the company. The upgrade gives both hair and clothes more detail and authenticity. It has also adjusted the lighting model to bring a little more of a reflected sheen to the eyes.

Between the lines

In conclusion, Meta’s new update to its avatars is a step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive platform. With more customization options, users can create avatars that better represent themselves. The partnership with PUMA adds a touch of fashion to the platform and is sure to be popular among users.

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