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Meta Quest 3 Teams Up With Puma: “The World’s Smallest Gym”

| Published on January 24, 2024

Meta Quest 3 Teams Up With Puma: "The World’s Smallest Gym"

A very unique collaboration, Meta has partnered with Puma to introduce “The World’s Smallest Gym” to coincide with the launch of Meta Quest 3. Breaking away from the traditional gym routine, this initiative taps into the New Year fitness trend, allowing users to work out from home using the latest Meta Quest 3 technology.

Innovative Fitness Experience

The World’s Smallest Gym

This collaboration showcases the synergy between technology and fitness industries. The immersive mixed-reality experience, lasting 15-20 minutes, offers a range of fitness experiences such as boxing, Zumba, and HIIT, all within the confines of a specially designed 2m x 2m space.

Virtual Reality Fitness Pop-Up

Meta Quest 3 Teams Up With Puma

Dubbed as “The World’s Smallest Gym,” this pop-up experience is accessible at three Berlin locations: Puma flagship store, The East Side Mall, and The Mall of Berlin. Meta Quest and Puma aim to prove that virtual reality can deliver an outstanding fitness experience even in limited spaces.

Experiential Events with NBA Player Endorsement

NBA player and Puma athlete Dennis Schröder endorses the Meta Quest x Puma pop-up, praising the “World’s Smallest Gym” on social media. The events, held at Puma’s store in Berlin, the East Side Mall, and the Mall of Berlin, feature VR and MR workouts, aligning with Meta’s significant investments in VR fitness.

Meta Quest 3’s Impact on Fitness Brands

Meta Quest 3’s release in 2023 marked advancements in virtual fitness, incorporating mixed reality capabilities. Fitness brands like Xponential Fitness, Les Mills, and FitXR have embraced the platform, offering immersive workout experiences. This collaboration denoes the growing intersection of technology and fitness, increasing of immersion and engagement.

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