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Men Smoking With Boss Get Quicker Promotion Compared To Others

| Published on December 15, 2019

How many efforts do we put in when it comes to getting a promotion? We count on every single aspect that could be an uplifting factor in our promotion. But are we missing something here? Well, maybe.

A recent study has found out that if a male employee goes on cigarette breaks with his boss, he has higher chances of getting a quick promotion as compared to women and other fellow employees who ‘do not’ smoke with the boss.


The Promotion & The Boss

The in-depth of this study has mentioned various other elements too. It says that if a male employee’s manager is also a male figure, then he will get benefited rather than the other female employees in the team. The female employees’ association with a male boss is not a lot advantageous.

The male bosses always prefer to choose the ones who are like them or those who look like them. So, on the similar basis, if you happen to be a male employee, you should go and take a puff of cigarette with your boss and the chances of your quick promotion are just going to manifest!

Also, go and grab a drink with him too, or maybe hang out with him.

The Research (By Harvard Business School)

This research has come from two people from United States: Joe Cullen (Harvard Business School) and Ricardo Perez (UCLA Anderson School of Management).

They did a deep study on this situation and have come to the conclusion that male employees work better with male bosses than other groups of people and this element proves to enhance and improve productivity, too.

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