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Meet Top Female Entrepreneurs Of Kerala

| Published on February 5, 2020

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is a whole world. It encompasses all who are doing something on their own.

Today, we will be meeting the women entrepreneurs of Kerala who might not be making six-figure salary every month, but still graced with the tag of entrepreneur because they do something which many women are hesitant to do. These women not only changed their own lives but also inspired women from small towns and villages all over Kerala.

Mariyam Shaza

The story of Mariyam Shaza tells you about the mindset of entrepreneurship generation today. After completing her business management studies, Mariyam landed a good job offer, but she has different plans for her life. She decided to launch her own venture. She started selling her favourite cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other delicacies. Shaza receives orders through “Chocola” her page on Instagram and Facebook. Shaza’s special are buttercream cakes.

Rashida Sajeer

Life is easy if you do what you want to do. And Rashida Sajeer believes in this approach. Five years ago Rashida made a dress for her daughter and suddenly from thereon, she decided to go big. Today, Rashida made a large collection of shirts for adults, Kurtis, ladies’ pants, shawls and other dresses. There is a huge demand for dresses she creates from specially chosen cloth materials.

When orders became steady, Rashida employed 10 people to work under her. Now textile shops in Kerala also purchase Rashida’s products in bulk. Orders are placed over phone or by personal visits.

Rini and Milu

Entrepreneur kerela
Rini and Milu have a very simple idea, but still, it needs to be worked upon to become successful. And these ladies dared to make their idea into reality. They started a business venture called ‘Take A Gift’.

Anybody who wishes to give a surprise gift can contact ‘Take a gift.’ Rini and Milu will arrange a gift considering the likes of the person whom it is meant for. They will ensure that the gift is presented at the person’s house. But if the person lives in other places, the gift will be couriered.

The young entrepreneurs also deliver gifts in bulk during occasions like a wedding or send-off. The gift packets usually contain items like cake, chocolate, books, small interior plants and other curios. Most of the sales are conducted through the Facebook page titled ‘TAG.’

Chandni Dathani

Chandni decided to start her online textile business ‘Indi Rang’ when she visited Gujarat with her friend. She saw pathetic lives lived by poor weavers of Gujarat and decided to do something for them. And that’s how Indi Rang came into existence. Chandni now procures the clothes from weavers in Gujarat, transports them to Kannur and sells them as a distinct brand. She often provides new designs to the weavers.

Radhika Krishnan

This young teen is not actually into a big business, but definitely an entrepreneur. Radhika Krishnan, a 12th class student, loves preparing cake which she learned from her mother who learns it from her mother-in-law. She now bakes cakes for her schoolmates, teachers and also for the public and earning a good amount in the process too.

Source: manoramaonline.com

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