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Meet Tia Sharma, India’s First AI-Powered Virtual Influencer

| Published on April 20, 2023

Tia, an AI-Powered Virtual Influencer, has been disclosed by Mouni Roy and her spouse Suraj Nambiar. With this launch. the bar for online influencers in India has been raised.

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The fashion business and social media are presently being ruled by online influencers because of several reasons like relatable content, trust and creative methods of audience engagement. But it seems like this industry will soon get disrupted because of the advancement in technologies like AI as AI is now being used to create virtual influencers.

Tia is the first AI-powered virtual fashion influencer who has been recently presented by actress Mouni Roy and her spouse Suraj Nambiar.

Suraj Nambiar highlights Tia’s unique qualities, “Her self-sufficient nature, constant growth, and advanced AI tools enable her to create truly inspiring content.”

Tia’s innovative AI tools can analyse, understand, and forecast the newest trends in fashion and lifestyle.

How Tia Can Influence?

Tia sets new standards for virtual influencers in India as well as the world by appealing to a wide audience that includes Millennials and Gen Z. She is anticipated to create clothes for celebrities, interview fashion industry professionals, and push the limits of AI-powered clothing.

Tia Sharma won’t be the sole influencer to benefit from AI. Other industries like news, sports, performing arts, singing, and other fields will also witness the rise of AI-powered influencers in the near future.

Along with Tia Sharma’s debut, other influencers powered by AI are being created, including a news anchor, a sports presenter, and a singer. These cutting-edge virtual influencers will revolutionise their specific fields while demonstrating the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence in the digital era.

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