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Meet The Young Minds Who Have Built Big Businesses Using Instagram

| Published on May 17, 2019

Instagram has helped many people to build a thriving business. There are many people out there, who operate their business either purely or partly on Instagram, and it has worked out for them.

Let’s dig deep into knowing about some of the businesses and find out how it has worked out for these entrepreneurs.

Alchemy 180 – Alisha Akheel

Alisha loves baking cakes and runs an Instagram page Alchemy 180. Once, when she agreed to bake a ‘Game of Thrones’ theme cake for a friend’s birthday, her mates suggested that she should start taking orders too.

Alisha is a 22-year-old fifth-year architecture student who started this business three years ago and now has 20 to 25 orders in a month for customized and themed cakes. – Tina Jain

Tina started the business in November 2016, dealing in fashion jewelry through her Instagram page, when she was in the second year of college. She figured out everything herself like – finding a good supplier, managing packaging and finding a reliable courier service.

Tina managed to convert Daivik into a full-time business with almost 32000 followers on Instagram and around 200-500 orders in a month.

Teeskart – S Loganathan

Loganathan started his Instagram page teeskart_chennai a few months after he set up a physical store when he was 29. He deals in menswear and accessories.

When he receives any messages on Instagram, he encourages them to visit the store. Along with that, he gets 2-3 orders for shipping across India in a day.

Pros and Cons

• Pros

1. The competition has helped them grow and learn a lot about how to get popular in their respective fields.

2. Constructive criticism directly from the customers helped them in refining their services.

3. The time when they started their businesses, was the time when Instagram was a booming platform, with very less saturation of businesses. This helped them increase their market scope.

4. Instagram helped them to grow on their reach, as in the case of Tina – Through Instagram she was able to collaborate with few celebrities which helped her grow her reach through them. The same goes with Loganathan where he got to reach the younger crowd.

• Cons

Speaking about the cons, they have faced their respective disadvantages among which some are common.

1. For Alisha:

o She gets no time for herself. As soon as she gets back from college, she starts baking, and then 24 hours seem too less for her in a day.

o There is competition due to which she has encountered situations where she lost orders when she was not able to respond immediately and later she got to know that the person has reached out to someone else already.

2. For Tina:

o Through the years, as the saturation increased, Tina faced cutthroat competition from other jewellery brands, who offer lower prices. This is where the touch and feel factor takes the seat, through which she could show the difference in the quality of her products.

o She also faced online hate at times, when the delivery got delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances.

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Despite the pros and cons, these entrepreneurs are keen to continue with their businesses and are ready to harness the platform to the next level.

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