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Meet The World’s Most Expensive Sheep Worth Rs. 3.5 crores

| Published on September 5, 2020

Everyone is aware of how sheep wool is costly, owing to its harsh and cold climatic condition and elevated region. Wool cultivation is mandatory in regions that experience the wrath of cold mostly during one year, and the quality of wool depends upon the species of sheep cultivated. Talking about this, we introduce you to the world’s most expensive sheep valued at Rs. 3.5 crores. His name is Double Diamond.

Who Is Double Diamond?

Double Diamond resides in Scotland and is a Texel Lamb, whose worth is $368,000. He was recently sold on August 27th, 2020 to the Scottish National Texel sale for at least 350,000 guineas by Charles Boden. This species was embryo-bred and hence bears an exquisite quality of wool-like no other.

Why is Double Diamond’s Worth So Much?

Double Diamond

Jeff Aiken, the flock manager of Procter’s Farm says a lot of breeders came to buy Double Diamond. He was the prize money and was just perfect to be true. Double Diamond was massive with a good breed and characterisation. Looking at a pedigree, the small details are only noticeable like the head, hair, colour around the eyes and even legs. Every part of Double Diamond was noteworthy and too good to be true. Originating from Texel in the Netherlands, Double Diamond was surely worth its meat. He is one of these breeds which are much appreciated by the British farmers, because of their thick and rich wool. He is just six months wool and his wool will be used to make hosiery yarns.

In addition to this, Double Diamond owns its fame due to being raised by the 2019’s Garngour Champion. He will also be bred for other lambs. This bread catches up to around 30% of the good quality breeds available in the UK every year.

Do you own any form of rich wool?

Source: Money Control

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