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Meet The Millionaire “Kachori” Wala Who Has Become A Case Study For GST Department

| Published on June 29, 2019

No, you did not read the heading wrong. It is actually true. A kachori seller has become the new hot topic of the town when the news of him owning property worth Rs. 70 lakhs was known. The owner, Mukesh Sharma, is under tight scrutiny for tax evasion. According to the officials, the annual turnover of Mukesh might go beyond Rs 1 crore which makes him eligible for GST registration.

The SIB conducted a raid on June 20 after receiving a complaint from the Lucknow Revenue Intelligence Department regarding the illegal business practices of the kachori seller. Before the official raid, the SIB team did a recce by observing the footfall at the stall during peak hours and normal hours. Later the official search operation took place wherein the officials found kachori doughs in hundreds ready to be cooked and soled.

The officials stated that the actual daily income of the kachori seller is estimated to be Rs 15,000- Rs 20,000. This makes Mukesh eligible to register for a GST certificate. In a statement to the media, Mukesh Kumar has said that his daily sales are not more than Rs 2,000 to Rs 3000 and the said allegations are false. He shared his concerns that if GST is implemented on his business his Kachoris will become expensive and he would end up losing his customers.

Deputy Commissioner, commercial tax in GST, RPS Kauntey, said in an official statement to TOI, that a notice has been issued to the shopkeeper. He has been asked to register himself under the GST and pay his annual tax.

It seems that the famous Kachoris might become a little expensive than before. But then the foodie in you might just convince you to pay a little extra for your favorite treat.

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