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Meet The IIIT-Bengaluru Guy Who Gets Job At Google With Rs 60 Lakh Salary

| Published on June 29, 2019

Indians have always been favorites when it comes to hiring employees in tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Recently, we wrote about 5 Punjab Engineering College who got hired by Microsoft at an annual package of above Rs 40 lakhs and now an IIT Bengaluru student is also making news for a getting a job at Google with an impressive package of Rs 60 lakh per annum.


The 22-year old named KB Shyam has just completed his 5-year dual degree, iMtech programme, from IIIT-B this year and will fly to Poland to join Google this October. TO get this job, Shyam had to clear an online interview, an on-site interview at Munich, Germany and a team matching process to decide his team – all in a span of 5 months.

Family background

Shyam’s father KN Babu is a central government employee and mother RS Jayashree works for the Tamil Nadu government. Brother KB Siddharth is pursuing post-doc research in fuel cells in the United States.

He has also interned with Facebook in London in his fourth year in college. “Having good knowledge of computer science fundamentals and improving problem-solving skills will improve the chances of students who want to get into Google,” he said.

Quote source: Times of India.

Google and India’s young talent

Well, this is not the first time when Google has hs hired talent from India giving an attractive package. Google hired a 21-year-old engineering student named Abdullah Khan from Mumbai earlier this year. Abdullah was spotted by the tech giant through a website that hosts programming challenges. He was hired as Site Reliability Engineer by Google for an annual package of Rs 1.2 crore. Also, Last year, Google hired a 22-year-old student from IIT-Mumbai to work in its Artificial Intelligence team in New York at an annual package of Rs 1.2 crore.

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