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Meet The 21-Year-Old Techie Who Will Train Mumbai Police On Cyber Crimes

| Published on November 12, 2019

At the age of 21 years only, Shubham Singh has had the privilege to lecture the Mumbai Police on ethical hacking and helping solve complex cybercrimes. At such a young age, Shubham has clearly made an impact with his hard work and dedication.

Hailing from a family where computer technology wasn’t something common, being a renowned ethical hacker is an achievement above all.

The turning point of his life was when his Facebook profile was hacked. He watched a lot of YouTube videos and other sources of information for fixing the problem and got his account back.

This got him motivated and his interest in ethical hacking increased even more.

But how did he end up working for the Mumbai Police?

It all started last year when he was lecturing at an institute in Vikhroli and one of his professors put him in touch with the police. He helped them in solving a case with the help of his technical know-how. Since then, he has been associated with Mumbai Police and has been instrumental in solving many cases.

Singh now runs his own set-up  “Cyber World Academy in Vikhroli” which is in partnership with his friend Soumya Mondal. They have tailored a course in cybercrime investigation for the police and would be offered free of cost once the proposal is approved.

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Mumbai Police was quite impressed by Shubham’s work and it is very likely that he would be training the police force in battling cybercrime once his proposal is cleared.

Till now, nearly 100 police officers have shown their interest in joining the course which is free of charge and will enable them to handle cases of cybercrime in a more effective manner.

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