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Meet Sister Entrepreneurs Who Made Rs 2 Crores In Just 2 Years

| Published on March 17, 2020

People all over the world are rapidly becoming health conscious and fitness freaks. Even Indians have started working out and eating healthy. This new trend has given the wellness industry a great boost with several new opportunities and growth openings.

Cousin sisters Darshana Nahata and Sunaya Hiran thus decided to leverage this opportunity. In 2017, they started Enerjuvate café and studios, in Bengaluru investing 70 lakhs. The name is a fusion of the words Energy and Rejuvenate. The special feature of Enerjuvate is its healthy and baked food and it also provides studio space to promote an energetic ecosystem.

Background Check!

40-year-old Sunaya Hiran is well equipped with business insights and has been managing logistics in the mining sector for over 10 years now. Bringing her experience into use, she is presently handling the finance and operation aspects of Enerjuvate.

The co-founder Darshana Nahata, 39, is a former graphic designer. With her artistic eye, she constantly experiments with local seasonal produce and ingredients. This contributes to the freshness of the café.

The Distinguishing Aspects

Most of us believe that food in cafes and restaurants is unhealthy as they contain oil, maida and white sugar. The sisters wanted to provide a healthy environment where people can enjoy delicious food without any guilt. This is why none of the products at Enerjuvate contain any unhealthy ingredients.

They serve a wide range of momos, which are made of ragi and maize floors. They have introduced specialized red and green momos, which are made from beetroot and spinach.

The Game Plan

All products have been priced moderately so as to ensure that young professionals and college students can enjoy it. The café attached studio is another great attraction. Enerjuvate regularly organizes events by artists and stand-up comedians. Workshops are held by chefs, home cooks, and theatre professionals.

Workshops on healthy eating are also conducted for numerous companies including H&M, Titan, Tata Coffee, and Yahoo!. Enerjuvate has stepped out into themed outdoor catering. It has also started accepting customization orders.

The aura of the food served at Enerjuvate is such that it has also attracted children. Children voluntarily choose this healthy food option mainly because they love it above the regular junk food. this is why they ask their parents to conduct their birthday parties at Enerjuvate.

The Challenges Faced

The sisters began their venture from scratch. Yes, those who were health-conscious, opted for their food but attracting those in the habit of eating junk was the real challenge. Gradually, the footfall increased through word of mouth. The sisters started a second café studio in Bengaluru as well owing to the success of the first one.

The initial investment was of 70 lakhs, where 10-12 lakhs were used up by each location alone. The rest was spent on interiors and staff management.

The Future Goals

Just within 2 years, the sisters have made a revenue of Rs2 Cr. Presently, they are looking forward to expanding as a franchise business across India through partnerships with people of a similar mindset.

The café has all-women management. A special exhibition space for women-led enterprises like Dittoo ice-creams and Ausum teas are also accommodated.

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