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Meet Neha Motwani, The Woman Who Built A Fitness Startup Worth Rs 112 Crores

| Published on February 16, 2020

There are a few trends that are changing the world, one step at a time. Be it technology, be it economics or be in human lifestyle, everything has got an update. Tons of options, tons of places to be, tons of things to do, there aren’t any limits to experiences.

One such experience that is gaining momentum due to the current fast-paced lifestyle is fitness. From gymming, swimming or Zumba, fitness and types of fitness regimes are being innovative, customized and habitual for the mass population.

However, with new varieties and choices coming up daily, how can one keep track of what to do and what works?

Go for Fitternity!

Fitternity is a network that is built as a fitness community by founder Neha Motwani launched in 2014. As an MBA graduate who was always passionate about fitness and healthcare, amongst her experience in the world of routine exercise, Fitternity happened.

Fitternity was first launched as a website that gave compiled information about nearby gyms and fitness centers which was later converted into a mobile app for convenience.

The beginning of Fitternity

Fitternity happened when Neha was able to do her extensive research and find two types of consumers in this industry, New World and Old World users. The segmentation helped her to categorize the network and build a higher base.

Options of fitness centers and long-term memberships existed for Old world users who prefer loyalty programmes or One Pass plans while Pay-per-Session and modern aerobic or cross-fit classes were made available for New World users.

The Journey of success

Fitternity worked out because it understood the need for various consumers and made customizable options for them.

Over time, they’ve added partnerships with brands like Gold’s Gym, Fitocratic, and Bodyholics. The launch of a One Pass plan that offers subscriptions and is a low-cost solution to all fitness needs of users, had helped the commitment-phobic to start being a part of this industry.

Well established in more than 12 cities with more than 17 types of categories available, Fitternity has taken fitness beyond the gym. Fitternity received a 4 million dollar funding in 2019 from sixth sense ventures, proving the high prospects it holds. Their demand is ever-growing and their work proves the possibility of revenue in a unique idea.

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