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Meet Komal Dixit: A Chemistry Student Empowering Over 600k Females Through Social Media

| Published on August 20, 2019

Komal Dixit started empowering women when she was just 19 and in just 2 years empowering a community of 500k with her Instagram Account @classywomenn. She is now 21 years old and is a final year student of M.Sc Chemistry. She is trying her best to spread positivity and awareness.

Komal Dixit

Belonging from a small district in Haryana, Komal met with her online friend Taarni dang from California, USA and both started their Instagram account with a goal to make all young girls ambitious.

Other than posting motivational quotes on their pages, they talk with their audience individually via DM on their secondary account @classywomenn.messages.

She is also doing live interviews of Most inspiring women and celebrities like @ollyesse (Italian DJ), Miss Malika Kapoor (Miss Femina India Jammu and Kashmir), voice artist Sonal kaushal, author Stuti Changle and many others.

Komal is on a mission to spread awareness, Positivity and peace through social media. Also, she is setting an example of how social media should be used to influence people in a better way. One of the favourite Quotes of Komal is “when girls support each other incredible things happen”. She is spreading the message of women supporting women among girls and women.

She wants to create a long-lasting speaking platform where ambitious and inspiring women come and share their life journey.

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